New democracy petitions

Democracy means nothing if not for participation by its people. Here are three quick petitions you can sign as we push to make our democracy a little bit stronger:

On the official White House petitions site, groups have started a petition drive asking President Obama to appoint new commissioners to the Federal Election Commission. Five of the six members of the FEC are currently serving on expired terms. The FEC is responsible for enforcing the nation’s campaign finance law.

White House Petitions: Nominate New Commissioners to the FEC

The Media and Democracy Coalition is asking for increased broadcast disclosure. Especially in an election year, this can go a long way in telling the public who is buying airtime, and how often. With Citizens United as the law of the land, stronger disclosure laws are the one of the primary ways to combat big, outside spenders in politics.

Media and Democracy Coalition: Tell the FCC to pass online broadcast disclosure

Though it is by no means the solution to all of our problems, something as minor as Congressional seating, if done regularly, could go a long way to creating a slightly more civil legislative branch. No Labels is asking for bipartisan seating at the State of the Union address later this month.

No Labels: Bipartisan seating at the state of the union

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